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Country: Germany

Some of the erlangen ladies have already been in Lisbon for the 1st edition of the tournament! Now they are coming for the 2nd time to Lisboa Lacrosse Cup! But in full power with their majestic team! They represent the growth of female lacrosse in germany being one of the most recent lacrosse teams in the country. Viel Glück!



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Country: England, United Kingdom

Imperial Lacrosse club from London is coming to Lisbon on their year Lacrosse Tour! Lacrosse was introduced in England back in 1876 and it didn’t stop growing since then! Imperial College Lacrosse team is one of the biggest and most successful female lacrosse projects in the UK and the ladies are coming to Lisboa Lacrosse Cup! They provide fierce competition in the BUCS D1! Welcome Imperial Lacrosse Ladies!

The Lionesses from Rome! Roma is once more in Lusitania but this time to conquer Lisboa Lacrosse Cup! Straight from the capital of Italy, Roma Leones are one of the most important clubs in the country, feeding the Italian national team with their best players. A team full of soul and happiness! They will for sure make the sunny days in Lisbon even more sunnier!

Veni, vidi, vici? We will see...


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Country: Italy

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Country: Portugal + World

The Lisbon Gladiators ladies are a recent lacrosse project, aiming to build up the first female team in the country. They will have the help of players coming from allover the world!

Canada, Belgium, New Zealand, Holland, Germany, Spain, and more! Yes this will probably be the united nations of lacrosse team!