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Country: England, United Kingdom

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Country: Portugal

The tribesmen are coming for the 2nd time to Lisboa Lacrosse Cup! In the 1st edition of the tournament they took the cup to Germany! And they will return to reclaim their title! The Tribesmen were founded in 2006, and in 2012 they won the Zweitliga-Süd Meisterschaft, the 2nd Division of the South League. With Papa Basti and Big Cheese in the lead of the team, they will not make life easier to their opponents.


Arguably the best lacrosse team in the Iberian Peninsula at the momment! Madrid Lacrosse was created in 2001, and with 17 years of existence they are the biggest lacrosse team in Spain! Champions of the Spanish Lacrosse League, and Copa de Espanã last year, they are in the right way to make the title again! Called the “Osos” (the bears), for sure they are fearless!


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Country: Spain


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Country: Germany


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Country: Portugal

Since 2016 they are the pioneers of lacrosse in Portugal and the hosting team of Lisboa Lacrosse Cup!  A team eager to learn, and to show how much they have improved from the 1st to the 3rd edition of the tournament! The gladiators will live up to the expectations and prove how f*** rules the lax-arena!! Funny fact: one of the most talented lacrosse players in the world was Portuguese descent, he is called John Tavares, google it!




    Country: Scotland, United Kingdom

    Aiming to build on the success of two previous indoor tournaments in Germany, and make the Scotland Grizzlies a successful tour side, playing in tournaments around Europe, with Portugal being the first stop! The grizzlies will probably get sun burned by our lovely Lisbon sunny weather, so bringing sunscreen should be a good idea! But we know that they will burn some golie heads, and pierce the net a lot of times with their highlander power!


    Why they have a funny looking uniform with rainbows and a funky bear? We don’t know…But we can’t wait to find out more about it this summer! Bärchen Liebe it’s a touring team from Germany with players eager to share their lacrosse background, but to party as well! And we can’t blame them… Lisboa Lacrosse Cup is preparing a great party for all the participants!

    Lisboa Lacrosse Cup is an International lacrosse tournament held in Lisbon, Portugal, for clubs, teams and universities from all over the world. Our summer lacrosse event happens on the last weekend of June of every year. Enjoy this opportunity to take your team abroad for a lacrosse tour or training camp.

    @2018 by Associação de Lacrosse de Lisboa

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