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Save your spot for Lisboa Lacrosse Cup 2024

Who May Participate?

All clubs, local teams, national teams, or pick-up players that wish to come to the tournament are welcome in Lisboa Lacrosse Cup. We are also looking for referees and umpires. The tournament will be held on the 22 and 23 June 2024 in Lisbon, Portugal.


Age Categories?

Men's Open Division

Women's Open Division

How to Register?

Teams Registrations:

1. Click in the below link "Registration" to register your team. Fill the online registration form and submit it.

2. When your form is received, we will confirm your registration. Bear in mind that your registration is only fully confirmed after deposits have been received.

3. If your group has more than 1 team (ex: 1 male and 1 female) please submit separate registrations to each team (1 registration/form = 1 team). You can only use 1 email per each registration, if you are registering 2 teams, you should use 2 different emails.

Pick-up Players Registrations:

1. Click in the below link "Registration" to register as a pick-up player. In case of pickups we will receive your online form and allocate you to one of the participating teams.

Referees/Umpire Registrations:

1. Click in the below link "Registration" to register for officiating at Lisboa Lacrosse Cup. We will receive your online form, review it, and get back to you.


- 30th December 2023, fill the online form to pre-book your team's place at LLC2024, and payment of booking deposit;

- 1st of March 2024, Registrations Deadline.

- 30th April 2024 Final Payment corresponding to the nº of players registered. 

- 15th of May 2024 - Player's list should be sent to the organization

- 31st of May 2024 - Deadline for adjustments on the player's list/names

Pick-up Players

Pick-up players are welcome to register for Lisboa Lacrosse Cup. The organizers will make sure you will have a team to play for. Fill in the registration form for pick-up players and secure your place in the next edition of Lisboa Lacrosse Cup. 


Referees and Umpires from all over the world are invited to join us in Lisboa Lacrosse Cup. The event is a great space for learning opportunities and an intense experience during 2 days of competition. If you want to be an official in the next Lisboa Lacrosse Cup, register using the form bellow.

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